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Participant Profiles

Since 2005, WIT has trained over 9,200 women in the Middle East.  Read the latest participant profiles and learn more about the amazing women involved in the WIT program.


Rana Hadi
"My name is Rana Hadi and I am 24 years old. I am in my fourth year of study at the Science College in Baghdad. I have always known that a human being has only one life, never more. As for me, I have two, and I will share them with you." Read the moving story of Rana, a WIT Iraq graduate, who was seriously injured in a car bomb explosion outside her university over a year ago. After a long and painful ordeal, she enrolled in a WIT class in Baghdad and went on to become a WIT assistant trainer.

Bashaer Madhi Gawad
As a wife, mother, student, and art teacher, 28-year-old Bashaaer knows how important it is to make the most of her time—and she’s good at thinking of creative ways to do it. Bashaaer has been a certified teacher at Belad Elementary School for the past eight years, where she teaches courses in drawing, sewing, and handicrafts.


Khuloud Ali Al Hatmi
In Oman, Khuloud Ali Al Hatmi recently received a job as a supervisor at the National Craft Training Institute which enables her to support her struggling single father. Khuloud attributes her achievement to the Microsoft Unlimited Potential training she received through Women in Technology.

Fatma Bent Ali Al Hosny
Fatma Bent Ali Al Hosny, 31 years old, lives in the state of Al Khaburah, Oman, with her husband and children. Fatma learned about the Women in Technology (WIT) training program through an advertisement in the local newspaper. A devoted mother, her original motivation to take an Information Technology course was for her children’s sake—she wanted to be able to help them in school by teaching them to use computers.

Laila Bent Khalifa Al-Sai'idi
Laila Bent Khalifa Al-Sa’idi never knew the future could look so exciting—or so promising. With a high school education and a “basic understanding” of computers, she didn’t dream of a career in Information Technology. Then she enrolled in the Women in Technology (WIT) program, after a friend of hers told her about the WIT training courses in computer and business skills.


Taghreed Al-Baiomi
Taghreed Al-Baiomi had little computer experience to speak of until this year. When she saw a newspaper advertisement for a Women In Technology (WIT) training course at Effat College in her hometown of Jeddah, she signed up immediately. “Computer skills are very important nowadays,” Taghreed explains. Even with her Bachelors degree in Arabic Language, she knew she needed to become familiar and comfortable with basic computer programs and IT skills to be competitive in the job market.

Laila Al-Amri
“We are in a technology era,” says Layla Al-Amri, a young woman born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Layla recently completed a Women In Technology (WIT) training course in Information Technology and professional development at Effat College in Jeddah. While she holds a Bachelors degree in Economics, she feels that her limited computer skills have posed a significant obstacle in finding a job.


Huda Yahya
Huda Yahya is an ambitious 24-year old from Yemen. Paralyzed from the waist down since birth, Huda has spent her entire life in a wheelchair. Despite her physical limitations, she finished high school and won a scholarship to train in computer skills through WIT. "Taking the UP course opens wide chances for me to find a job," she says with a smile. Now she is inspiring other disabled women to achieve their dreams.
Safaa Ahmad Al-Kahaly
On September 25, Safaa Ahmad Al-Kahaly completed the Women In Technology (WIT) Unlimited Potential (UP) training at the Takfaul social services center in Taiz. Additionally, Safaa is currently in her fourth year in University, where she studies sociology. Safaa hopes to work towards her Masters degree. Her hobbies include reading and discovery of all things new.

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